12 Best Things About Rushing Alpha Phi Omega


We are a co-ed National Service Fraternity founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Why wouldn’t you want to join?

1. Meet lots of people who love to help others.

Our brothers are very passionate about changing the world, and we hope you are too!

2. Learn how we raise hundreds of dollars towards philanthropy.

3. Gain a family to support you away from home.

Because we all need somebody to lean on.

4. Network with brothers around the world.

With friendly chapters around the world, you’ll have new connections everywhere!

5. Participate in campus events with friends.

6. Be a part of the biggest fraternity in the country (and the Philippines too)!

We have over 350 active chapters in the US, 250 in the Philippines, and 1 in Australia.

7. Join our more inclusive, co-ed community.

We’re open to all students on campus.

8. Contribute to our diversity of interests, majors, and backgrounds.

When the main thing that brings us together is service, we gain a lot of different brothers.

10. No hazing.

And we mean it.

11. APhiO let’s you do you.

You can be a brother of APhiO and also in whatever other interests you enjoy.

12. Come for the service, but stay for the friendship.

You’ll meet some people in our organization who will change your life forever.

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