Fall 2014 Yule Ball Awards

We had our Yule Ball banquet on Friday, November 21st and here are the winner’s of the awards that we gave out! Congrats to all of those who were acknowledged!

Outstanding New Member – Jonathan Roman-Diaz
Outstanding Active – Lena Dorack
Outstanding New Member Service – Shreya Lahiry
Outstanding Active Service – Stephanie Cardona

Cutest Couple – Monica Dinh & Leslie Cardoza
Best Big & Lil – Anisha John, Shreya Lahiry, Sabrin Arafat
Mr. APO – Jonathan Roman-Diaz
Ms. APO – Stephanie Cardona
Best Dressed – Kenny Cao
Peas in a Pod – Tyler Terashima & Samir Nathu
Mr. Congeniality – Julio Gevara
Ms. Congeniality – Sabrin Arafat
Dance Machine – Shreya Lahiry
Life of the Party – Thomas Tjahja
Night Owl – Susan Kim
Social Butterfly – Nikki Nguyen & Anisha John
Snapchat King / Queen – Lilly Perez

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