Installation for Spring 2019

Hey ho, look at us go!

This semester is off to a great start with new initiatives such as teams and having a points system! Ask a brother to join a team or who is in the lead!

Congrats to our New Member Educator for having a class of 13! We Can’t wait to see all the great things they will do in our chapter!

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Rush Week

We had an amazing rush week, shoutout to our Rush Chair Karla for putting together something awesome!

And shoutout to the other brothers who put in their time and made this rush one for the books!

Here are some photos from our rush events!

Here are some bros tabling for rush week! Great job guys!

Movie night with the bros!

Sandwich service project!

Our second GB and it was rush week themed!

Some of our brothers singing the night away!

Gotta end the week by giving back to the community! One of our favorite events too! HOT CHOCOLATE RUN!

Fall 2018

It was a very busy semester with a whole new executive team and learning to readjust without our favorite alumni brothers. But here is what you missed:

Installation part 1

Installation part 2

Installation part 3

Our brothers learning how to effectively communicate

Being visited by our national consultant, Cassidy

Brotherhood Retreat

Initiation part 1

Initiation part 2

And lots of brother bonding

Initiation Ceremony

This past weekend APO initiated our DALE PENNY class of Fall 2017. It is very exciting to have our new brothers get initiated. The Dale Penny class worked hard to become part of the APO family this semester. Thanks to the help of the New Member Educator Lena Dorack and New Member Assistants Angela Dinh and Melanie Martinez, along with Old Brother Miriam Moran. Let’s not forget the Bigs that showed the Pledges what APO is all bout through leadership, friendship, and service. All Bigs were excited to surprise their Littles with their first stitches. It has been a memorable semester for Theta Tau.

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Purple Stride Walk

Theta Tau members volunteered at the Purple Stride Walk this weekend in Dallas at the Klyde Warren Park. We arrived to help set up and guide people in the morning. This walk was brought upon us by a fellow brother who lost someone to Pancreatic Cancer. A good way to support was to participate and spread awareness about Pancreatic Cancer.


National Service Week: Suicide Prevention

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We have had such a successful National Service Week. We decided to spread awareness about Suicide Prevention. Each day we had a member in charge of a group they were assigned . Each day was hosted a little differently. One day we were giving away hot chocolate, on a different day we gave away candy, and another we had people make origami. All days were about informing people on campus about the statistics about Suicide and the ways they or people they know can get help too. We had many people stop by to get our candy, hot chocolate, and candy while also leaving many notes of encouragement.

Goodwill Service

This past weekend, Theta Tau joined forces with SMU to do a service project at Goodwill. They were able to provide service this weekend by sorting and arranging inventory. Thank you to all of those who were able to come out to serve!

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Region 7 Conference

Region 7  Conference was an Incredible experience! Thank you Alpha Epsilon Zeta for hosting this fun filled day. Theta Tau definitely “DOMIN”ATED this opportunity to Bond with fellow brothers and meet new ones! We can’t wait until next time! 


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