Fall 2015 Formal Awards

Outstanding Active Brother – Sarah Wood

Outstanding New Member – Josh Thoman

Outstanding Service (Active) – Olamilekan Mabayoje

Outstanding Service (New Member) – Raemy Villinger

Outstanding Friendship (Active) – Michael Mata

Outstanding Friendship (New Member) – Ruby Mumtahin

Outstanding Leadership (Active) – Selena Chavez

Outstanding Leadership (New Member) – Kashif Merchant


Fun Awards:

Best Supportive Brother – Sarah Wood

Best Friends–  Ruby and Kruti

Best Big/Little – Sarah and Ruby & Kruti

Mr. APO – Jonathan Manuel Roman-Diaz

Ms. APO –Anisha John

Mr. Congeniality – Alan Milligan

Ms. Congeniality – Selena Chavez

Life of the Party – Anisha John

Night Owl – Jonathan Roman-Diaz

Dance Machine – Sherya Lahiry

Social Butterfly – Anisha John

Most Humorous/Funny – Andy Dinh


Distinguished Service Key:

Presented to a person who has distinguished themselves through outstanding service to their chapter. Recipients have made an outstanding and unique contribution to the chapter as a whole; exemplify and demonstrate the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service; and made a sustained contribution in a leadership role over a period of time

Monica Dinh