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Theta Tau Family Tree

  • G-Wong
    • Founder: Amanda Galvan
    • Mascot: Panda
    • G-Wongs (Galvanized Wongs) are related to the Wong Family at UT-Dallas.
    • Amanda simply loves pandas. Amanda transferred from UTD’s APO where was a part of the Wong family. When she came to UTA, she wanted to remain in the same family but started a new branch called “Galvanized-Wongs” aka G-Wongs.

Spring 2015 Update: I am currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at Old Dominion University located in Norfolk, Virginia. I am a Region III Representative for Alpha Phi Omega’s National Service Committee and I have begun APO LEADS Presenter training. I enjoy writing, dancing, photography, meeting new brothers, and oovoo-ing with my husband and two cats. My husband, Minh-Duc Huynh, serves as a Community Advisor for the University of Texas at Arlington’s Theta Tau Chapter.

  • Murphey
    • Founder: Chas Murphey
    • Mascot: Hedgehog
    • Chas transferred to UTA from TCU. With his strong school spirit from his previous school, he chose the hedgehog as a mascot, because it is also the TCU mascot.
    • Honorable Hedgehog Website

Spring 2015 Update: I am a TCU undergrad of 2010 political science and was a member of APO. I am a UTA MBA and Master of Science in Marketing research grad 2013. I helped start the UTA APO chapter from the beginning starting in 2010. I currently live In Fort Worth and work for a marketing research company specializing in medical insurance research as a project manager.

I enjoy jogging, watching tv, going to TCU football games. Currently I am engaged and spend quite a bit of time helping my beautiful fiancée plan our wedding! It will actually be taking place in October in Arlington. Our next big step is finding our place to live, as my fiancée currently works and lives in Dallas for the Neiman Marcus buying offices. I am so excited and happy to see the Murphey family growing. It is so crazy to think how this chapter started from nothing and became what it is today. There were so many times I thought our efforts to start the chapter were going to fail. However, not only has it survived but it has thrived! As you continue to serve the community, remember the brothers before you who have laid down the foundation for you to better the lives of others. Also remember that your actions today will continue to impact the brothers who will join APO long after you graduate. APO is all about leadership, friendship and service! These will be the best years of your lives, so continue what you are doing and have fun!

  • Watson
    • Founder: Kailey Watson
    • Mascot: Owls
    • Kailey wanted to have a Harry Potter-related mascot, but not something super obvious so for those that aren’t fans of the series wouldn’t feel left out so she chose the owl as the family animal.

Spring 2015 Update: I’m currently serving with Peace Corps in Uganda. I’ve been in this country since November and at my site two months. I’m sorry I can’t come back to UTA to visit though. It’s so exciting to see how much the chapter has grown and how much you all are doing.

  • Camp
    • Founder: Brittany Camp
    • Mascot: Cranes/Flamingos
    • Rumor has it that while volunteering with APO one day, she fell asleep in the form of a flamingo/crane. One leg out and the other bent, standing against a wall with her head dangling.

Spring 2015 Update: I am graduating with my BSW in social work in May from UTA. I got married in November and I live in Bedford now. I would like to say that I’m so proud of my Camp family! It has gotten so big and I’m excited to see it grow even more. In my spare time, I like to do crafts, explore outside, build things with my husband, bake cookies and go anything that involves a lake or the beach. My favorite TV shows are parks and rec, modern family and breaking bad. Also I like puppies and I want to have 6 of them.

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