Theta Tau Associate Requirements

The chapter may confer associate membership on an active member who finds it necessary to cease full involvement in chapter affairs, because of other commitments of time and effort. Requests for associate membership shall be decided upon by the general body and determined by the second meeting of the semester.

  1. Any member seeking to gain associate membership must have been an active member, in good standing, for a minimum of one full semester and must petition the chapter for the desired membership change
  2. Responsible for paying half of the stated active dues
  3. Required to complete fifteen (15) service hours
  4. Participate in one fundraising and one fellowship project during the semester
  5. No meeting requirements
  6.  Has a voice, but no vote at general meetings
  7. Cannot participate in the “Big Brother” program
  8. May attend chapter functions, but they may be subject to a reasonable fee.
  9. Associate membership may not be held for consecutive semesters, unless an acceptable reason is brought before the Executive Committee and approved by an affirmative main.
  10. Active members who transition to associate membership during the semester shall not be reimbursed for any dues, fees, or other payments.

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