Theta Tau Facts

Our first banquet was held in conjunction with our Big Brother Chapter’s banquet – TCU.

The reason we use the Rady Room was because the first Advisory Chair (Beth Isbell) worked in the Engineering Building.

Beth Isbell was also the first faculty advisor during Theta Tau’s Interest/Petitioning period. She was at the Re-Chartering Ceremony.

There are UT-Arlington yearbooks in the Rady Room that have pictures of Alpha Phi Omega brothers.

The first CAPS meeting was held at Beth Isbell’s home.

Joe Esau and Minh-Duc Huynh have been advisors of Theta Tau (during the Interest and Petitioning Phase) since Jan. 2012 (estimate, may be off by a few months — but that’s THREE YEARS OF SERVICE!!!) They’ve been around since the beginning!!!

Our first APO Retreat was held at Section 41’s Chair’s home (Candace Barnhill’s place — yeah, she opened her home to us).

When our Extension Sponsor (the person who was in charge of guiding our Re-Chartering Efforts), moved away — Candace Barnhill stepped up as our Sponsor while still fulfilling the duties as Section 41 Chair (that’s a lot of paperwork!)

Mitch M Stepanovich (faculty advisor) held onto the original Charter (the one from 1950!) while Alpha Phi Omega was inactive!!! That was a long time.

Mitch also let us hold some of our first New Member Ceremonies in the Architecture Building.